Fly-out Fishing from Kenai Magic Lodge

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Fly-out Trips

Experience back-country wilderness on an incredible remote fly-out arranged by Kenai Magic Lodge. Feisty Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Arctic Char, Grayling, King Salmon, Sockeye and Silver Salmon are the main ingredients for some explosive action. Alaskan Brown and Black Bears are often times fishing in close proximity on any fly-out fishing adventure. Our guides are always prepared for your safety and comfort.

Our twenty-five years experience gives us the ability to know the best guides in the business and they will get you on the fish. Catching them, well, that part is still up to you!

What’s fly-out fishing?

Fly out fishing is a little more pricey than guided fishing on the river. The plane will take you on a breath taking ride over the Cook inlet, past a dormant volcano then you land on a lake or river in a remote location. There are very few crowds in terms of people however you can plan on having company from the locals. Brown bear and Black bear are usually fishing the same river that you are. You must pay attention to your guides directions and instructions they fish with these guys every day and will keep you safe as long as you follow their directions.

What areas do we fly out to?

We have a couple of favorite spots Cressent Creek and Wolverine. Both are across the Cook Inlet, about an forty minute flight. The flight alone is worth the cost of trip.

What fish will I catch?

We fly out for Silver Salmon and Red Salmon primarily. Trout and Dollys are usually in the same rivers so you will get a chance to catch them as well. We can arrange for Northern Pike and King Salmon fly-outs also.

Will I see bears?

Most likely. We can not ensure they will be there when you are, however, 80% of the time bears have been seen on these trips. The bears fish the best rivers in terms of fish count so that is the same reason we go to those rivers. So, yes, there is a good chance of seeing bears when you go on a fly-out trip from Kenai Magic Lodge.

What other wildlife could I see on a fly-out fishing trip?

Dahl Sheep and Mountain Goats can be seen and occasionally Moose and Eagles.

How big is the airplane I’ll fly-out in?

You’ll most likely fly in either a DeHavilland Beaver or Otter bush plane on floats. These planes are equipped with floats so that they can safely land on lakes or rivers.  Beavers have room for 4-8 passengers and Otters can seat more.

Will I be able to keep the fish I catch?

Yes, the guides will clean the fish for you. You can get them processed for about $2.00 per pound depending on where you live. You can have them packaged and frozen and take them on the plane home with you if you have a six hour or less flight time home. Please check with your airline for policies on dry ice and flying frozen fish home.

What kind of tackle do I need?

The guides will have all the necessary equipment for your fly-out adventure from waders to fishing polls. You are always welcome to bring your own.

What to bring?

You will want to bring along some rain gear and a couple layers as the weather is unpredictable and changes drastically often without notice. In the mornings, the temperature can be in the forties while the afternoons can get up into the 80s. Polarized sun glasses are highly recommended. A good camera with plenty of disk storage space is a must.