Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

Catching Coho Salmon, also know as Silver Salmon, is a great way to spend your time at Kenai Magic Lodge.


 Alaska State Record Coho (Silver) Salmon

The State record Silver Salmon is 26 lb 11 oz caught in Sitka last summer. Adults usually weigh 8 to 12 lb and are 24 to 30 inches long. Adults in salt water or newly returning to fresh water are bright silver with small black spots on the back and on the upper lobe of the tail fin. Spawning adults of both sexes have dark backs and heads with maroon to reddish sides.

When hooked, an ocean-fresh Silver or Coho Salmon does not merely fight, it explodes from the river showering water in every direction, jumping, cart wheeling, and tail-walking across the river’s surface. Be ready because Silvers will switch things up in the middle of the fight with lightening-quick bursts of underwater speed. As the Silver gradually tires, and you lead the spirited fighter toward the net, watch out for last-effort fireworks. A suddenly ballistic Silver Salmon on a short line can easily break free, unless you give line and immediately let the fish make one more run.

How to fish for Silver Salmon on the Kenai River Silver

Fishing gear on most chartered fishing trips is provided by the guides. They have the boots, waders, and fishing poles setup to catch fish. Check out our What to Bring information.

Here’s how I fish the Kenai River for Silvers

My personal choice is a eight foot ugly stick with a sturdy spinning reel. I use 30 lb test line. I put three .3o oz pressure lead weights about 18 inches from the hook, using 20 to 15 pound test line as leader then I put a red single barbless hook add a little color like a pink salmon egg bead or a red piece of yarn to hide the hook. The trick is to get you rig on the bottom of the river and your hook bouncing off the rocks. I fish about three feet from the bank in about two feet of water.

 What’s it like on the Kenai in the summer?

Daylight is constant during June and July. The sun rises about 4 AM in the morning and then the sun sets about midnight. It is seems that it never gets dark enough to really see the stars before the sun is coming up again. This gives you adequate daylight to fish Silver Salmon to your heart’s content.